About Us

The Polka Variety Show was created to preserve  
polka music, primarily German and Czech, as played
in Texas.  Polka music from Europe and from the
rest of the USA will be included to provide an
interesting variety.

The Polka Variety Show is recorded in New
Braunfels, Texas at Roha Studios.

Three different "Musical Hosts" prepare weekly
one-hour shows of polkas, waltzes, marches,
schottisches, laendlers etc.  A new show is added to
the websites every Wednesday.

The first show will be loaded on May 3, 2006.  
Weekly shows thereafter will be added to the site.
Once fifteen weekly shows have been placed on the
site, the oldest show will be deleted and the latest ten
shows will remain on the site.  The date that each
show is posted and the "Musical Host" for that show
will be indicated on the site.

Visitors to the site can listen to each show anytime
they like and as often as they like.  By clicking on the
date, the entire show will play.  By clicking on an
individual part, only that part will play.  Visitors with
slow speed modem connections might find it more
convenient to click on individual parts.  
For a biography on Roy Haag, click here
About Us